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We design and create software for people

connecting them to your ideas, products, and services.

We Listen...

We Listen...

We listen to our clients, so we can best understand and build their vision.

Offer Custom Solutions...

offer Custom Solutions...

We design custom, strategic, and profitable solutions that exceed expectations.

and Deliver Value

and Deliver Value.

We blend experience, design innovation, strategy, and superior implementation.

what we offer

New Services and Products

New Services and Products

We clear your path

We listen to your vision and work with you to find solutions that fit your investment.

Business Automation

Business Automation

We focus on value

Automation saves time and money, so you can focus on what's important to your clients and customers.

Usability is Revenue

Usability is Revenue

We understand how it's used.

We provide usability feedback from people in your demographic, then make recommendations that ensure the results you want.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We make sure it works for you

We build custom apps, and customize off-the-shelf apps to leverage value. E-commerce, web and mobile apps, CMS, data integration, and more.

how we do it

A complete solution, or just the parts you need.

Our method offers a flexible path from research to launch, or just the parts you need to move forward without pauses.

Agile development allows room for adjustment

We streamlined a project approach to ensure the perfect fit for making your vision a reality, within the reality of your team and investment.

We listen to your idea

As a development partner we start by listening. We listen to your vision and to your business goals, and we listen to your long term plans and to your exact requirements. We listen until we understand your unique needs.

We reflect on the possible approaches

Then, we reflect on your unique business challenge, so we present you with the best possible solutions.

We use our technology experience to overcome unseen obstacles beyond the first obvious approach. We use our industry experience to build solutions your constituents will understand naturally, without reinventing the wheel.

If there’s a simpler way, or a better alternative not in our specialty, we’ll offer a referral in the right direction.

We stay focused on creating technology solutions that provide value for your unique business challenge.

We design for your users

Software user interfaces are a language, and people know within about 30 seconds if software is speaking their language or not.

We start designing for your users by creating wireframes to visually design how your users experience your project. The web is a visual medium, so we present that design in a visual format. This lets us identify your Minimum Launch Product (MLP) and forms the foundation for building and launching your project.

This MLP clearly describes the vision and target market of the application, and the minimum feature set rooted in the needs of your target market. This allows us to avoid the common project pitfalls of building too much or too little.

After we’ve designed “how it works” in the user interface, we work with expert graphic designers to tailor “how it feels” for your specific constituents.

We plan for your budget

Once we’ve defined the Minimum Launch Product (MLP) for your project, the next step is planning and budgeting.

We plan incremental steps along the way to MLP, and plan to review progress every couple of weeks. This plan lets us adjust along the way as new information or ideas shape our understanding of what your users really need.

We produce an estimated budget for completing the application, and then we get grounded in building it.

We build your vision

We start to build your project’s MLP and you start to see your vision taking shape.

We have adopted an agile approach to development, where we work in two week cycles. At the end of every two weeks we deliver a segment of the MLP for you to test and evaluate. We start with gross functionality, and as we progress bring in expert graphic designers to design your site.

This adaptive approach shows quick progress and allows easy steering when necessary.

Agile Development: Plan -> Work -> Demo -> Repeat

Why guess, when you can know

We test your site’s usability with real users in your demographic.

This step can happen at any point in the process, from design to wireframes to launch - even after launch to debug and improve conversions. What do your users really think? Where do potential users give up?

At any point, we can determine if users are interacting with the application in the way that we intended. We compile videos of how people in the desired target demographic use the website, allowing us to amend the site according to their needs.

We launch and improve on your product

We host and serve your web application for your users by working with expert hosting partners. We’ve been focused on a successful launch from day 1, and here’s when it happens.

And, as part of your team, we’re there should you need to revisit your MLP to see where we can add more value and improve on the experience.

We apply ourselves to finding unexpected ambiguities and exploring new and profitable enhancements that fit your needs by providing value to your users.

our expertise

Technical Expertise

We're continually investing in new technologies to offer the very best experience to our clients:

HTML5/CSS Node.js jQuery Javascript Twitter Bootstrap SQL MongoDB and more...

Industry Expertise

Our experience in a variety of industries enables us to offer solutions your clients will understand.

Online education Lawyers Railroads Fitness Trainers Information Security Physical Security Non-profits Defense Education Medical Surveys Analytical Chemistry Insurance Manufacturing Film/Video Transportation Software Development and more...

Clients Powma has worked with

Astonish DesignRed11 DesignsQuevinTrails.byYogic BuddhismTrilogy Smartleads

our work

Medical Information Visualizationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEBjm9bk51o
Medical Information Visualization

Medical Information Visualization

Search and browse conditions, symptoms, and indications.

IHT Spirit Systemhttps://www.ihtspirit.com/home
IHT Spirit System

IHT Spirit System

Heartrate monitors for High School Gym Classes



Social Link Sharing

Michael really did simplify the complex for us. Excellent communication and writing skills to explain and document the problems and solutions.

Kevin DavisonQuevin.com
Railroad Specialtyhttp://www.360railservices.com/360-rail-services-acquires-railroad-specialties-inc/
Railroad Specialty

Railroad Specialty

Professional Service Listing Website

eDiscovery Matrix

CodeIgniter LinkedIn Integration

Keep Austin Level

Custom Sales Lead Website

A highly capable developer, with excellent communication skills.

Kevin DavisonQuevin.com
Drupal Quickstarthttp://drupal.org/project/quickstart
Drupal Quickstart

Drupal Quickstart

Open source Pre-made Development Environment

Kids In The Househttp://www.kidsinthehouse.com/
Kids In The House

Kids In The House

Technical Problem Solving

Nevada Bar Association

State Bar Continuing Education Store

Trilogy Smartleadshttp://smartleads.trilogy.com/
Trilogy Smartleads

Trilogy Smartleads

Simplification and Maintainability



Symfony2 Development



Custom jQuery Plugin



Social Link Sharing

New Jersey Green Room

Finishing an implementation

School for Yogic Buddhismhttp://yogicbuddhism.org
School for Yogic Buddhism

School for Yogic Buddhism

Events, Calendar, Online Store, Single Sign On


Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection



Node.js Connect Middleware for oAuth with Freshbooks

Molly's Therapeutic Massage

A test site for a massage therapist business

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